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without opening the device

The button below to activate the sound frequency In order to notice the difference, play it for 10 minutes


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Information before playing a sound!


You should place the phone so that the phone speakers are facing down so that it is easy for you to drop water droplets or dust particles


Raise the volume of your phone as high as possible


Do not put the headset because it is useless


Minimum audio playback time is 10 minutes in order to notice the difference

more information!


It can be said that this feature helps the external speakers of the phones a lot, especially the weak sound. We will not deny that after hearing the sound of the phone is weak, we are upset, and we are always looking for a quick solution without unlocking our device. I would like to tell you that this feature may solve the sound problem for everyone and simply I will explain everything you need to know about 165hz sound.


1-What is the role of playing 165hz sound on the phone


We all know that external speakers are important and are the most sensitive place in the phone, as they are easy to lose due to dust or water. And the role of 165hz sound is to extract this dust from the phone, as the sound is high sound frequencies.

And it must be run for a period of no less than 8 minutes in order to show you the difference in the sound between before and after. If it comes to water entering the headphones, you must turn on the sound of 165Hz frequencies as soon as possible in order to restore the sound of the external speakers as they were.

2-How to find a 165Hz sound to play


First method for all:

Through our website or our application


The second method is through the settings:

* For Xiaomi phones:

Head to settings, additional settings have been made, after you choose to clean the speaker, an interface will appear telling you that the sound must be played for 30 seconds without stopping it. And in the event that the reason for the weak sound of the phone is dust, repeat it once, and if the reason is water, repeat this three to five times with the speaker facing down, after agreeing to the terms, the sound frequency is 165 Hz. will work.

* For iPhones:
Head to Shortcuts, Search, Water eject,  Then play a sound . This feature is only available on latest version phones (iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 pro max / iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 / iPhone 13 pro / iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 14 pro max / iPhone 14)

And soon we will see many techl companies rely on this feature, which greatly helps phone users. And the closest Samsung phones right now

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