What does 165 Hz mean

Often after you have seen our home page or heard from someone about the 165hz sound feature, you want to know more information about this sound and I will share with you the answer to most of the questions that are asked on a daily basis

1- What does 165hz mean:

It has many meanings, but the intended meaning is sound waves that are no less or more than 165 Hz, because if they were less, it would not do anything for the weak external speakers, and in the case of more it would harm them.

2- In what can help me the sound of 165Hz:

The sound of 165hz frequencies helps the headphones to extract dust and water well. The phone must be placed vertically and the direction of the headphones outlet downward, without the need to open your device or take it to the phone repairman, and this will cost you time and price, reversing this feature that makes everything easier for you.

3- How long should I play this sound:

The duration of playing a sound should not be less than 5 minutes, and it is better to play a sound without stopping for 10 minutes.

4- Is it possible to see the headphones if a sound is played twice:

You can play the sound more than once. Depending on the reasons for the weak sound of the external speakers of the phone, computer or TV, the longer you play the sound, the more you will notice a difference.

5- Why should I play the 165hz audio of your home page to raise the volume:

All the sounds that we use are tested and I would like to tell you that the matter is easy and simple. Yes, you can clean the headset of the mobile that has been hit by water or dust in its internal parts only by using sound frequencies through which you increase the sound of your phone properly, because your use of other materials or things is A danger to your phone and may cause the loss of headphones permanently, although the materials that will be used are for cleaning, that all these problems must be avoided and access to use the new feature. Therefore, the best solution remains to operate audio frequencies that reach 165. We will not deny that the sound is very annoying, but what matters to us is to restore the phone’s headphones as they were before and increase the volume without the need to open the device, and this is what we see now that phone companies depend on it to increase confidence in Users of their devices, and the previous one to add the feature on its phones was Xiaomi, then Apple on the latest update for iPhone phones, and in the future we will often see all companies rely on this feature.

6- Information before and after playing a sound:

Information before playing a sound
* You should place the phone so that the phone speakers are to the bottom so that it is easy for you to drop water drops or dust particles.
* Raise the volume of your phone as high as possible.
* Do not put the earphone because it is useless.
* Play the video to the end (10 minutes long)

Information after playing a sound
* If you restart the 165hz sound a second time it is normal and will not pose any danger to the headphones.

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