What is the meaning of 165hz sound frequency?

The 165hz audio frequency technology is among the most important techniques that help in cleaning the phone’s speakers, and it also cleans the phone’s speaker or microphone, and it quickly cleans the bad speaker sound after water is stuck inside. It only takes 45 seconds to make your mobile phone or smartwatch speaker look like new. With this technology, you can expel water from the speaker in a matter of seconds. This simple process of removing water from the speaker is very easy and often works. So how can we use 165hz audio frequency technology? And are there other ways in case this technique does not work?

1- Cleaning the handset with the 165Hz audio frequency:

If your phone has some drops of water or dust stuck to it, you can use this technique first, open the Youtube website and search for 165 Hz, which is a high-reverberation sound frequency, and then click on the video that is suitable for you and it is worth watching the video that has good comments and high viewing rates Then play the audio video, which is about 5 minutes long, and leave it until it finishes, and this technique is often effective simply because this high-frequency sound works to shake the speaker a lot in an attempt to get water or dust out, which works to clean the headset The quality of the phone will be the same as before.

2- Other effective ways to clean the handset at home without going to the maintenance shop:

The process of cleaning the handset is among the most annoying things for smartphone users, due to the large accumulation of dirt, water, or dust around the handset, but do not worry, we will give you some solutions that can help you solve this problem before thinking about going to the maintenance shop because in many Sometimes it does not solve the intended problem for us, or it can be expensive to go to the repair shop

Bring a soft toothbrush, it does not have to be new, it is possible to use an old one, but it contains complete and healthy teeth. And start putting these soft mattresses in the entrances that we want to remove the impurities from.
Run the brush more than once and move it left and right to make sure that the impurities are removed from their place.
You can blow, but be careful not to accidentally get some of the most out of your mouth so it doesn’t get into the smartphone’s speaker hole.

Bring one or more cotton buds.
Insert the oud into the hole, but do not press too hard, it takes softness and quiet movement, or you will ruin the inside of the speaker.
Treat it gently.
Repeat and move the cotton bud used for the ear more than once, except when getting rid of impurities represented by dirt, dust, and water vapor.
There are other ways to clean the internal speakers of smartphones, including the use of bottles of compressed air.

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