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What is the meaning of 165hz sound frequency?

The 165hz audio frequency technology is among the most important techniques that help in cleaning the phone’s speakers, and it also cleans the phone’s speaker or microphone, and it quickly cleans the bad speaker sound after water is stuck inside. It only takes 45 seconds to make your mobile phone …

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Top 5 Professional Voice Recorder Software:

Although there is a voice recorder program in all mobile phones, it is not considered professional as it lacks many of the features that you can get through a group of applications that we will show you today and we hope that they will benefit you, as these applications will …

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How to record a professional voice by phone:

Many people want to record their videos and voices professionally, but they do not have a professional microphone, so in this article, we will talk about how to use the phone’s microphone to record professional audio at home only without going to audio studios and only by phone. How will …

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